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ООО «Компания Редуктория» реализовывает обеспечение редукторов, редукторов для техники, запасных частей к ним. Это целая система оснащения, и мы готовы внести свой лепту в становление и преуспевание вашего предприятия. Позвольте нам сделать это, ведь мы готовы поделиться с клиентами имеющимися наработками! Мы предлагаем посетителям обоюдно интересное сотрудничество. Центральным ориентацией функционирования нашей фирмы являются поставки промышленного оснащения из Европы головных международных производителей. Наша компания остается аккуратным и честным поставщиком, учитывающим все
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Гадание является старинным способом, методикой, дающей возможность заглянуть в грядущее. Считается, что Судьба не склонна разглашать свои секреты, однако нередко и она не против приподнять завесу загадок, пользуясь интуитивные указания. Один из путей получить эту намек – гадания: по скрытым приметам, по брошенному жребию и, естественно, при посредничестве картам. На нашем платформе выложены первосортные бесплатные онлайн сервисы гаданий с пояснениями наиболее распространенных раскладов. - форум о волшебстве и колдовстве. Тут вашему вниманию представлены:
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Лишь на нашем сайте наиболее свежайшие и новые объявления из Крыма. Торговые точки, ночные клубы, бары, рекламы мероприятий, салоны красоты фото-услуги. Вы осуществляете размещение материалы и абсолютно и бесплатно – на нашем ресурсе - Купить бизнес в Крыму! Добавлять объяву можно в несколько шагов! Поднимаются в очереди объявления – безоплатно! Наш сайт – это доска объявлений всей Крымской республики. На данном портале вы всегда сможете: • Узнать про отдых в Крыму, • просмотреть доску объявлений, • Продать дело в Крыму, • Купить шины и автомобили. Публиковать
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News - 18.06.2014
APMP for Prince2
So now the APM are going to launch APMP for PRINCE2 practitioners. Will it be a useful addition to the practice of project management? Prince2 and APMP are certainly complementary. One being focused on method the “what” and the other on the “how”. Combined they offer a lot to strengthen project management. For more details visit our micro site In fact the sooner the APM and OCG join forces the better. It will remove lots of confusion and be for the good of project management.
News - 18.06.2014
GPM Releases First Organizational Standard (The P5 Standard for Sustainability in Project Management)
Introducing the GPM P5 Standard for Sustainability in Project Management; People, Planet & Profit, Project Processes and Products. Fort Wayne/USA The global focus on sustainable development, climate change, ethics, social responsibility and supply chains has increased in recent years. There is a growing demand for sustainable business practices through their processes and products so that they are more sensitive and responsive to environmental sustainability and to the community (or multiple communities) in which they operate.p5-logo-med As contributors to and members of the United
News - 18.06.2014
IPMA Releases 2014 ICB4 Survey Results
June 1, 2014: Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Reinhard Wagner, IPMA VP of Standards, Research and Awards, with the support of the ICB4 Project Team, recently announced the public availability of the summary results of an extensive survey for ICB4, the fourth release of the IPMA ICB®, the Individual Competence Baseline. The ICB4 project team has been working on the structure, definitions and support materials for ICB4 since early 2011, and surveyed professional programme and project managers to discern trends, innovations, priorities, preferences and perceptions about our profession. This
News - 18.06.2014
Ghana Leaders Fund Big Projects
African nation aims to improve infrastructure, attract tech and shipping With one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa, Ghana is riding an oil boom. But leaders of the West African nation have ambitions beyond the oil field, funding big-budget projects to make it a hub for technology and maritime trade. In 2012, oil overtook cocoa as Ghana’s second-most valuable export, with gold remaining the country’s top foreign-currency earner. Over the next five years, Ghana’s oil industry expects at least US$20 billion of investment, mainly from foreign companies. Approved by the government
Events - 17.06.2014
The 2014 PMI® Research and Education Conference will bring together researchers, reflective practitioners and students of project management and allied disciplines in one premier international event. The theme, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: In Search of Theory and Evidence reflects three key issues facing the field of project management research and education: How research and education can “stand on the shoulders of giants” – enabling us to see farther and with greater insight because of the knowledge platform being built. The role of theory and whether the field has moved
Publication - 30.07.2013
Time management can be one of the most frustrating parts of a project manager's job. Being trapped between a workforce motivated often by those interested in self-preservation and those with hoping to build a reputation will yield inaccurate time data.  As a consequence, upper management will suffer from unrealistic expectations and be put under pressure trying to please the client, leaving you are between the proverbial rock and hard place. In a worst-case scenario terrible time management is one symptom of a death-march project.It doesn't have to be that way. With a well-designed and
Presentation - 17.04.2013
An introduction to project management
Publication - 02.03.2013
In business today organisations manage multiple projects concurrently with shared or overlapping resources, often in different geographical locations. Today's traditional project management methodologies and techniques do not recognise the reality of organisational structures and workplace priorities, nor do they leverage the potential benefits that accrue from multi-skilled and multi-location teams. Programme management is a technique that allows organisations to run multiple, related projects concurrently to obtain significant benefits from them as a group.Programme management is a way to
Events - 27.01.2013
Wednesday, January 30, 2013 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST Whether you're a project leader or contributing stakeholder in application development, you're well aware of the many challenges that can bust project deadlines and budgets. We have all been there and we know there must be a solution! Join this January 30th case study webinar to hear representatives from logistics leader UPS and digital prototyping firm id8 outline how they used the iRise visual development platform to "de-risk" their projects to sharpen project clarity, enable real-time collaboration and improve results--
Publication - 22.01.2013
For any organisation or individual that needs to manage and control related projects (portfolio of projects), Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) programme management is a management tool for bringing together people, activities and information to achieve the end goal.History of MSP Programme ManagementMSP programme management was developed by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC), an independent Office of the UK Treasury, and supported by a full range of commercial partners. It was first released in 1999, and in 2007 a third version was released to reflect the evolving knowledge of
Publication - 16.01.2013
Although it is accepted that extraordinary levels of quality improvement are possible only by a radical change in management philosophy, leading to change in organisational culture, the fact remains that the exercise of undertaking process improvement projects cannot be overlooked for actual change to occur. Projects are the bridge between two parts, comprising of planning and doing. Although apparently similar, project and planning are different in scope.Project And PlanningThe dictionary definitions of the word "project" describe it as being a scheme, plan, proposal or an enterprise
Events - 14.01.2013
Category:  Tools and Techniques Instructor:   Goodpasture, John C.  Level:  Advanced  Status:  Open Seminar Length:  15-Day Seminar CEUs:  1.4 PDUs:  14 PMI Member Early Rate:  Not Applicable (US) PMI Member Regular Rate:  $725 (US) Non-Member Rate:  $875 (US) 01/10/2013 - 01/24/2013 Description: Delivering successful results depends on the project manager’s ability to increase the probability and impact of positive events and decrease the probability and impact of negative events in their projects
Events - 11.01.2013
Category:  Strategic Application Instructor:   Muenchow , Karlheinz  Level:  Intermediate ,  Advanced  Status:  New Seminar Length:  2-Day Seminar CEUs:  1.4 PDUs:  14 PMI Member Early Rate:  $1,295 (US) PMI Member Regular Rate:  $1,405 (US) Non-Member Rate:  $1,465 (US) Description: Take two days to immerse yourself in agile project management! Start by learning Scrum and DSDM, and then take it up a notch by drawing the "big picture," based on real-world implementation! Find out how your
Events - 11.01.2013
Join thousands of professionals in project management from across the globe to participate in a program and exhibit hall that will provide practical information to increase efficiency, productivity and profitability while tackling the challenges facing the project management profession.Earn up to 19 PDUs at congress and 14 more with participation in SeminarsWorld*)Network with thousands of your professional peersPMI Global Congress 2013—EMEA will take place at theIstanbul Congress CenterIstanbul, Turkey*SeminarsWorldSeminar topics include:Seminar Title: The Agile PMP®Instructor: Karlheinz
Publication - 10.01.2013
What is a PMO? A PMO is a centralised, co-ordinating body within an organisation (or project) that provides a focal point for the field of project management. It can identify and address project management issues to support and facilitate the achievement of organisational project outcomes. What are the benefits of having a PMO? According to Gartner (2008), investments in a Project Management Office (PMO) as a work management discipline can provide common planning and reporting processes and bring structure and support to evaluating, justifying, defining, planning, tracking and
News - 27.12.2012
Arras People’s year long 10th birthday celebrations comes to an end this month. With an iPad on offer as this month’s prize, project practitioners just need to complete a two minute “interesting” survey to be in with a chance of winning. To take part just complete the surveyThe ‘ten in ten’ celebrations (10 surveys in 10 months) has given some great insights into the current project management marketplace. We’ve learnt what project management practitioners opt for in their professional development; what motivates project practitioners to go to work every day; thoughts about project management
Publication - 15.12.2012
Every major change management programme puts shareholder value at risk. If the project succeeds and meets its objectives, then shareholders benefit. If it fails or even partially fails, then the value of the company may fall and keep falling. And CEOs don’t usually survive such an outcome.Ask any programme sponsor what the biggest threats are to a major project and you are likely to get similar answers: a lack of leadership and drive and not enough focus on business risk. Take the recent example of G4S’s catastrophic failure to deliver against the terms of its security contract for the London
News - 15.12.2012
Project management census aims to take the pulse of the current UK project management marketplace by soliciting the views of over 2000 practitioners.Now in its eighth year the census data is used to create the Project Management Benchmark Report which becomes available in February 2013.The Benchmark Report serves as the UK’s lone official declaration of the status of project management in the UK and concentrates on factors affecting project management practitioners’ earnings, aspirations and professional life. In this year’s census there is also focus on PMOs within organisations and the
News - 04.11.2012
Leading project management company, Acando, has published a new white paper which challenges the current method of measurement within project management.The white paper, ‘Don’t measure time and cost’, takes a critical look at the use of time and cost as metrics for judging the success of a project.The latest white paper forms part of Acando’s ongoing mission to reduce and eventually eliminate project failure from project management. The firm, which has offices in the UK and 16 more overseas, hopes that the findings will spark change within the industry and make people question the traditional
News - 29.10.2012
Quality was defined by Juran as fit for purpose, this elegant definition applies equally to the quality of your management processes and information as it does to your production processes and project deliverables.  Much is written about producing quality deliverables (products): this column looks at the cost of quality in your management work, particularly as is affects the relationships with your key stakeholders, your managers and your customers.Fit for purpose project communications and reports provide each stakeholder with the information they need. And as with production defects