Program Management

Publication - 12.06.2018
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Publication - 10.06.2018
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Screencast - 27.11.2013
In this video, learn the different aspects of Microsoft Project 2013 start screen and workspace.
Publication - 02.03.2013
In business today organisations manage multiple projects concurrently with shared or overlapping resources, often in different geographical locations. Today's traditional project management methodologies and techniques do not recognise the reality of organisational structures and workplace priorities, nor do they leverage the potential benefits that accrue from multi-skilled and multi-location teams. Programme management is a technique that allows organisations to run multiple, related projects concurrently to obtain significant benefits from them as a group.Programme management is a way to
Publication - 22.01.2013
For any organisation or individual that needs to manage and control related projects (portfolio of projects), Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) programme management is a management tool for bringing together people, activities and information to achieve the end goal.History of MSP Programme ManagementMSP programme management was developed by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC), an independent Office of the UK Treasury, and supported by a full range of commercial partners. It was first released in 1999, and in 2007 a third version was released to reflect the evolving knowledge of
News - 04.11.2012
Leading project management company, Acando, has published a new white paper which challenges the current method of measurement within project management.The white paper, ‘Don’t measure time and cost’, takes a critical look at the use of time and cost as metrics for judging the success of a project.The latest white paper forms part of Acando’s ongoing mission to reduce and eventually eliminate project failure from project management. The firm, which has offices in the UK and 16 more overseas, hopes that the findings will spark change within the industry and make people question the traditional