IPMA Releases 2014 ICB4 Survey Results

IPMA Releases 2014 ICB4 Survey Results

June 1, 2014: Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Reinhard Wagner, IPMA VP of Standards, Research and Awards, with the support of the ICB4 Project Team, recently announced the public availability of the summary results of an extensive survey for ICB4, the fourth release of the IPMA ICB®, the Individual Competence Baseline.

The ICB4 project team has been working on the structure, definitions and support materials for ICB4 since early 2011, and surveyed professional programme and project managers to discern trends, innovations, priorities, preferences and perceptions about our profession. This sense of stakeholder engagement and attention to customer needs is one reason why IPMA’s standards tend to have nine or ten year lifespans.

Survey Drawing Winner

ICB4 Project Secretary and Project Lead Tim Jaques (shown at right) announced the survey results and drew the Survey respondent winner at the March Council of Delegates meeting in Toronto, Canada.

The survey ran in February-March 2014. To increase survey engagement, IPMA offered a drawing for an iPad Mini for those who completed the survey. An IPMA member from Egypt (her name is withheld) won the drawing. She is an IPMA Level C® Certified Project Manager, and her husband is also an IPMA Level C® Certified Project Manager. Congratulations!

About the Survey

“This survey demonstrates the need for true competency based PM certifications. In today’s world of faster business cycles and projects, having a strong team is more important than ever,” said IPMA Vice President Reinhard Wagner. “These results directly support the long term goals of IPMA to make our certification process even more relevant and effective for individuals.”

“Our goal for the survey is to gather evidence that will help IPMA define the market needs and desires for a new, even better, Individual Competency Baseline,” said Tim Jaques, ICB Project Secretary and Product Lead. “We have received some excellent feedback and insights that will help us to shape the forthcoming ICB4.” ICB4 will be released at the IPMA World Congress in Panama, in October 2015.

Key findings include:

Project Managers are using standards and tools in their day-to-day work.
It is imperative to continue engaging younger project management practitioners into project management. We can do this via university programs.
The PMI PMBOK® Guide and the IPMA ICB3 are the top industry standards, according to the respondents.
Project managers today make good use of online communities. More than 75% of respondents interacted with a community daily, weekly or monthly.
Project managers, sponsors and other stakeholders view compentence as important to project success.
According to Tim, “these findings represent just a fraction of the trove of data to be found in these results. We are immensely grateful to the participants for taking the time to respond.”

Summary Survey Results Are Available Now

While the ICB4 Project team scours the survey responses and insights, IPMA Member Associations—and their Standards, Education and Certification bodies–will also receive the detailed results. A summary of the survey results is available to the public and to respondents, at the IPMA website. Just click this link to download the Survey Summary.

And, we are beginning a dialogue about the implications of the survey findings at the IPMA LinkedIn Group. That dialogue begins with this announcement of the availability of the results. Please note: a LinkedIn login and joining the IPMA group are both required to see and participate in these discussions. And, because IPMA’s insights about project and programme management include our focus on people, we do require that those who wish to join our LinkedIn group must post your photograph in your LinkedIn profile.

About IPMA

ipma logoFounded in 1965 and registered in Switzerland, International Project Management Association (IPMA) is the World’s first global project management professional organization. IPMA is an international federation of more than 55 national project management societies in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas.

The IPMA World Congress is one of the most important gatherings of project management authorities and leaders each year. This year, the Congress is in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 29 September—1 October. We hope to see you there!

President of IPMA for 2014 is Professor Mladen Radujković. For further information about IPMA’s contributions to programme, project and organization success, please navigate to www.ipma.ch